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Legal notice

  1. A) General Sales Conditions

The products available on the Website are for sale. The payment method is made by bank transfer whose information is provided from the firm once the form of Pedidos.


Cristina Tamborero reserves the right at all times to modify its models featured in the Website. While Cristina Tamborero has tried to accurately display shapes and colours of its products on the Website, they mostly depend on your monitor and may therefore be perceived differently.


1/Product datasheets

Photographs showing the products are provided for information purposes. There may be slight differences between the photographs and the products, which will not affect the products’ basic features. The colour of our products as shown on our website may vary from their actual colour.



All of our products are designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards. However, the warranty will not be valid if damage occurs as a result of improper treatment, lack of maintenance or care contrary to our directions of use. The purchaser should refer to the appropriate instructions and recommendations that can be found in the instruction manual that comes with the product.
Our Customer Service department has an after-sales service designed to solve any problem you might have with our products. We offer a quick and effective service to our customers.



  1. B) Privacy policy

Cristina Tamborero is obliged to protect your personal information. Personal data received while you browse our website will only be used to deal with your order. We will not sell or disclose your personal information to any individuals (or third parties).


1/Information requested

On registering at, you consent to the company Cristina Tamborero using the personal data supplied by you or collected while you browse the website.

These data, (name, email address, home address, etc.) are necessary for us to provide personalised content and browsing experiences.


2/Email addresses and personal data

By providing your email address, telephone number and home address, Cristina Tamborero reserves the right to send you information about our products, our ongoing promotions and latest news. If you do not wish to receive these messages, please inform us by clicking on the cancel link.

3/Security of personal data

Registration is processed through a secure server. Our security software (SSL) encrypts all the information that you enter before it is sent to us. Furthermore, any messages sent are protected against unauthorised access by third parties.


  1. C) Contact

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Policy or our privacy practices, please contact us by writing to or calling: Cristina Tamborero + 34 936 673 411 //


2) Cristina Tamborero ‘s Copyrights and Trademarks

All intellectual property rights such as trademarks, trade names, designs and copyrights are reserved and are exclusively owned by Cristina Tamborero.
Cristina Tamborero owns the Website. Cristina Tamborero owns or has rights to all of the wallpaper, icons, characters, artwork, images, graphics, music, text, videos, software and other content of the Website (the “Content”), and all HTML, CGI and other code and scripts in any format used to implement the Website (the “Code”). The Content and Code of the Website are protected by copyright. Except as set forth herein, you may not copy, modify, upload, download, transmit, re-publish, display for redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes, or otherwise distribute any Code or Content from the Website without the prior written agreement of Cristina Tamborero. You may not use the Content or Code from the Website for any purpose other than those set forth herein.
All names, logos and trademarks which appear on the Website are the property of Cristina Tamborero. You may not use them in any manner which is likely to cause confusion or in any other way without the prior express written permission from Cristina Tamborero.
Your failure to comply with this Terms of Use Agreement will constitute breach of contract and will violate Cristina Tamborero’s copyright, trademark and other proprietary and intellectual property rights. You may print in hard copy portions of the Website for non-commercial purposes only.


  1. E) Jurisdiction

Any dispute over the content or use of the Website shall be governed by the substantive laws of Spain and the jurisdiction and venue of any such action shall be vested solely before the ordinary courts of Barcelona, Spain
This Terms of Use Agreement was last updated October 2014.


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