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FIVE Bridal Collection, is how Cristina Tamborero baptizes her new bridal collection. A collection that invites us to take a stroll through these first five years of the firm. Admiring her most iconic pieces renewed and proposing new trends for the next brides.

Two pieces, short-dressed brides, mermaid silhouette, sheer skirts and dresses that adhere perfectly to the woman’s body. Chiffon, crepe, muslin, mikado, organdy, tulle and embroidery in rhinestones give life to each of the designs. Women’s dresses for current and delicate brides, that’s how Cristina Tamborero’s brides are. Details like the ties stand out in the FIVE Collection designs, providing sweetness and femininity to each look.

Five years drawing and sewing dreams stitch by stitch. Dressing women looking for the most special details for their wedding dress.