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The new bridal collection by Cristina Tamborero is inspired in the Garden of Eden. Vegetation and floral variety starring the landscape is reflected in the design of this new bridal collection. Noble fabrics like ottoman, organdy or silk mikado have the only mission of giving volume to different skirts. Timid necklines of this collection represent innocence that characterizes Adam and Eve. By contrast, transparencies and backlines remind us of the only clothing present in the Garden of Eden, the naked body. The forbidden fruit, guilty of bringing the sin to the protagonists of this garden, results in short skirts, light appearance, transparencies and tight silhouettes that let perceive the woman’s body. Gleaming hand embroidered rhinestones and strategically placed flowers adorn the designs of this new collection. Current dresses designed for women where the beauty of each is the main ingredient of this new bridal collection, Eden.