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Ixia is the name that presents the 2018 party collection of Cristina Tamborero. A collection that perfectly reflects the paradise that we have dreamed so many times.It is inspired by the artwork of the American painter Martin Johnson. Realistic movement paintings where tropical elements such as hummingbirds, orchids has prominence and natural colors and pastels draw an imaginary landscape.

A sweet spirit palette composed of powdered rose, moss green, aquamarine and bottle green. Shades that represent very well the colors of nature. Handmade embroidery from pearls, flowers, feathers and crystals on thin layers of tulle that hint at craftsmanship and haute couture.

The fabric par excellence in this collection is the silk crepe mixed with glass tulle embroidered in different materials, patterns and shapes.

Close-fitting silhouettes, back necklines and current designs where skinny and palazzo trousers gain strength for this next season.

A collection designed for women with great sensitivity, elegance and naughty spirit.