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The Japanese tradition known by the name of Hanami is the inspiration of Cristina Tamborero for the new bride collection 2018.

This tradition is known for the beauty of observing flowers, especially the cherry trees that bloom in Japanese parks and gardens. This short period is said to be when love takes center stage and many marriages arise.

The delicate cherry blossom is the main protagonist of the Hanami collection. Dresses with attention to detail where fragile porcelain flowers mark the waist, the necklines and the silhouette of the woman. The pale pink tone and champagne colors are in charge of painting for the first time the designs of this new bridal collection. A wave of fine colors that perfectly transports us to the Japanese landscapes.

Transparent plumeti tulle and embroidered flowers are transformed into jackets and coats with long tails. Alongside these delicate fabrics we can find other nobles such as silk mikado, the organdy and silk crepe that manage to define this new collection.

The collection can be summed up to volumes that arise from the waist, silhouettes that enhance the women’s curves and elegant back necklines.

A pink shawl and a rain of petals give the collection meaning, a scene where true love is sealed. Designed for delicate and romantic women who want to wear a unique dress and full of details.