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Modernism, the city of Barcelona, Gaudí as a reference and Batlló as expression and magic. Cristina Tamborero’s Hidra collection has wanted to pay tribute to Gaudí’s artistic fullness in his most noble and characteristic facet. The fusion of the iconic sculptor’s art with the art and savoir faire of each piece gives meaning to this collection.

The detailed choice of colors such as red and purple, famous for some of the tiles, stained glass and ornaments of the house, to the choice of each gemstone symbol of the craftsmanship and delicacy that characterizes Cristina Tamborero’s designs. They are undoubtedly two works of art that merge into one where the artists intervene in all the small details, design, color and shapes.

A beauty and functionality that Cristina Tamborero wanted to reflect in the ruffled sleeves, in the flowing skirts that give life to the place and in the choice of including pants that bring us a little closer to current modernism.

Great creative freedom and an imaginative ornamental creation that we can see in the new asymmetric appliques, in cuffs full of rhinestones and in designs that escape the most classic and conventional, for all types of silhouettes and bodies and for the merge of different styles.

A collection that pays tribute to the art of the city of Gaudí with haute couture of the 21st century, for all those women who value every little detail and every jewel that comes from the craftsmanship of this regulated geometry.