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This season Cristina Tamborero gets her inspiration from the Parisian haute couture of the twentieth century and the pioneer of fashion Coco Chanel as muse. She was the creator of the women’s suit, thus the firm bets on this type of pants for their most adventurous guests.

In the golden age of haute couture, women began wearing scarves over the heads, therefore we present velvet turbans as the star accessory. Women’s liberalization also took place, leaving the corset; in this collection the fluid, light and comfortable silhouettes are the main protagonists.

An elegant color palette composed of blue, green and pink tones mixed with fabrics such as velvet, crepe and silk satin. Light feathers, jewels and hand embroidery adorn each of the designs in this collection.

Natural and elegant designs with needlework finish, practical and comfortable for modern women. With this collection we want to make know an independent, sociable and interested woman in the world of fashion.