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Her early studies were developed in the prestigious Ramon Llull University, where she graduated in Business Administration.


After that, Cristina began her studies in Fashion Design at the Instituto Europeo di Design; something that would take her to achieve one of the goals that she had been aiming ever since she was a kid; design. A dream come true thanks to her patience, dedication and above all, enthusiasm.


The passion for the world of fashion and an obsession for the small details led her to design collections of Wedding and Party. Her designs are unique, custom, pampered and cared for. All of them made with fine fabrics and hand-embroidered, which define perfectly well Cristina’s collections. A nod to the old haute couture moved to the present day.


“It is not possible to control inspiration, when I feel it by my side I just leave it out and pursue it until I reach it.”

Cristina Tamborero diseñadora de alta costura